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Way to get Puppet running on two VM's behind a proxy

asked 2018-04-13 06:10:42 -0600

Sudivel gravatar image

Hello, i am trying to run a master+agent setup on two Centos 7 vms with one ethernet adapter for internetconnection and one for the connection between the 2 vms,but I cant seem to get them together. Since i am behind a company proxy i entered the proxy in the yum.conf and the /etc/environment to get the packages. I have given each vm an ip(ping works) in the same net for the 2. adapters and have entered the ips and hostnames in /etc/hosts. I have tried to get this running the last one and a half day and i am out of ideas. Anything helps.

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answered 2018-04-14 23:27:10 -0600

greynolds gravatar image

Interesting! I am wondering what type of proxy are you using? Do you have access to configure the proxy? And can you configure the proxy to pass the required ports for puppet?

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unfortunately i dont have any access since i'm only an intern. i am supposed to check puppet out , to see if it fits the needs for a upcoming project. I have disabled the centos firwall tho and can get all the necessary packages. It seems like the agent doesnt send a certificate to the master.

Sudivel gravatar imageSudivel ( 2018-04-15 15:29:25 -0600 )edit

Thanks for your interest btw !

Sudivel gravatar imageSudivel ( 2018-04-15 15:29:42 -0600 )edit

Do the two servers need to communicate across the proxy, or is the proxy only needed to resolve the external dependencies (install puppet, get modules) and your two nodes are within the same network/subnet that they can communicate directly to each other? If so, you shouldn't have a problem ...

DarylW gravatar imageDarylW ( 2018-04-17 13:31:52 -0600 )edit

... I've worked with puppet on air-gapped networks with no external connectivity, and there are no problems as long as your nodes (master and clients) can communicate with each other.

DarylW gravatar imageDarylW ( 2018-04-17 13:32:35 -0600 )edit

To quickly resolve this, I am not sure the level of access you have to network environment? When I am isolating environments from a backbone perspective of using VLANs, I use the following concept: "Router on a stick". I create subinterfaces on a router interface with their individual subnets.

greynolds gravatar imagegreynolds ( 2018-04-17 15:30:52 -0600 )edit

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