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PE 3.0.1 Update the Cloud Provisioner Module?

asked 2013-10-01 22:20:44 -0600

alandman gravatar image

I have setup PE 3.0.1 and have noticed that there are some bugs/shortcomings in the cloud provisioner installed with PE. It looks like some of the bugs regarding security groups and subnets may have been fixed in the module in puppetforge module however it looks like the cloud provisioner role in PE isn't using the module but has files built into puppet. Is there a way to update this as a module without breaking linkages in PE for faces or do I need to not use PE but instead build everything from the open source packages ... (more)

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I believe there are a number of missing features for the command line. The help for the boostrap is not that helpful at all when trying to create a PE ...(more)

louis gravatar imagelouis ( 2013-10-06 17:07:37 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-04-04 17:58:12 -0600

ffrank gravatar image

Generally it should be no problem to update face code. Make sure the current module is seen earlier in ruby's library path list.

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