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How good is that making Ansible and Rundeck work together

asked 2018-05-07 03:48:38 -0600

sarahjohns388 gravatar image

Recently I’m looking at Ansible and want to use it in projects. And also there’s another tool Rundeck 1 can be used to do all kinds of Operations works. I have experience with neither tool and this is my current understanding of them:

Similar points

Both tools are agent-less and use SSH to execute commands on remote servers

Rundeck’s main concept is Node, the same as Ansible’s inventory, the key idea is to define/manage/group the target servers

Rundeck can execute ad-hoc commands on selected nodes, Ansible can also do this very conveniently. Rundeck can define workflow and do the execution on selected nodes, this can be done with Ansible by writing a playbook Rundeck can be integrated with CI tool like Jenkins to do deploy work, we can also define a Jenkins job to run ansible-playbook to do the deployed work Different points

Rundeck has the concept of Job, which Ansible does not

Rundeck has Job Scheduler, which Ansible can only achieve this with other tools like Jenkins or Cron tasks

Rundeck has Web UI by default for free, but you have to pay for Ansible Tower

Seems both Ansible and Rundeck can be used to do configuration/management/deployment work, maybe in a different way. So my questions are:

Are these two complementary tools or they are designed for different purposes? If they’re complementary tools, why is Ansible pdf only compared to tools like Chef/Puppet/Slat but not with Rundeck? If they’re not why they have so many similar functionalities? We’re already using Jenkins for CI, to build a Continuous-Delivery pipeline, which tool(Ansible/Rundeck) is a better idea to use to do the deployment? If they can be used together, what’s the best practice? Any suggestions and experience sharing are greatly appreciated.

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answered 2018-05-07 09:33:08 -0600

Mr_Sharma gravatar image

updated 2018-05-07 15:10:09 -0600

Hi Sarah,

Firstly, this is not a forum where you can post questions which are non-puppet. Secondly if you like to know the suggestions over you question may be you can use some other open forums like stackoverflow etc.

Anyway I would like to write something down for you which might be a take away for you instead going empty handed.

  1. Rundeck is an orchestrator where as Ansible/Salt/Puppet are configuration management tools. Orchestrator gives you a better control of doing things and allows you to integrate different tools which may fall in category of configuration management or Ticketing tools.
  2. You can not use Rundeck for configuration management though you can do the deployment but again you have to write scripts for that doesn't matter if it is in bash, ruby or python. This is why they are not complementary tools and can not be used interchangeably. Well, you can think of replacing your Jenkins with Rundeck as they have sort of similar role when it comes to orchestrate things.
  3. Rundeck can tell you what to do to Ansible and Ansible can tell you how to do it. The first tool where you have the Jobs is an instructor and when instruction flows to your Ansible tool it can implement as per the instruction provided. Your Rundeck system doesn't connect to your end CIs directly.
  4. If you are already have Jenkins there, using Rundeck won't be a good idea. Probably you can use Ansible which can do the deployment for you and also takes care of configuration drift. Remember, tools like Jenkins or Rundeck do not come with a configuration management feature.
  5. For implementation purpose, you can explore the available plugins of Jenkins for Ansible or can explore Ansible APIs.

For better understanding you can browse this link. It shows the roles of tools in devOps domain.

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