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Looking for printable puppet cheat sheets

asked 2018-06-06 19:23:41 -0600

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I'm looking for reasonably printable Puppet cheat sheets. I'm interested in core types, modules and specifically the Hiera module.

The pretty core type cheat sheet shown here does not exist at the provided "grab it" link here. The information is on the page, but it doesn't render correctly when printed from a browser. Firefox prints a bunch of blank pages, printing from IE and Chrome is clunky and unreadable by anyone past their twenties.

The image on the first page listed above is too small to print, and there's nothing in the entire Puppet docs directory as far as I can tell, that's anything like a printable version of this doc.

I've looked through the docs and resources on the puppet site, and done several Google searches and can't find anything like a full size copy of the image above. What am I missing? Is this resource only available to customers of Puppet Enterprise?

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answered 2018-11-21 14:10:12 -0600


That particular link is for Puppet 3.8 and 2.7. You can find it in the git repo here:

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