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How to provision a windows 7 or 10 using razor

asked 2018-06-20 00:37:26 -0600

Dhananjay.j.p gravatar image


It it possible to bare metal provision a window 7 or windows 10. While searching, found out that razor supports limited versions of windows, but that post was 2012 post and could not find recent updates on same topic.

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answered 2018-06-20 12:41:18 -0600

reesek gravatar image

You should be able to. I'm currently running

PRD perazor@prdperazor01 ~ $ razor --version Razor Server version:

and it ships with a windows/8pro task, so I'd think you can model from it to deploy windows 7 or 10.

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This is correct. The task for Windows 8 Pro is in the tasks folder under the `windows/8pro.task` folder. This could be adapted (copied + specific files modified) for 7 or 10 as needed.

smcclellan gravatar imagesmcclellan ( 2018-06-22 12:31:48 -0600 )edit

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