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Razor- What happens if micro kernel fails to download image

asked 2018-06-22 06:42:12 -0600

Dhananjay.j.p gravatar image

I am referring to this link which talks about razor with puppet. So just want to know what happens when MK fails to download image from razor server. Does it resume to point where it failed or starts over download.

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answered 2018-06-22 12:29:57 -0600

smcclellan gravatar image

That video covers the old version, prior to the rewrite (which started in mid-2013). Here's a demo video of a newer version:

When a node is going through provisioning, it hits checkpoints once each stage is completed. Until the stage is completed, it will keep trying it. For example, let's say the MK boots on a node, sends facts about the node to Razor, Razor binds the node to a policy, and then the node fails during the next step (downloading the installer) for whatever reason. The next time the node boots up, it's already bound to the policy (so it'll skip the microkernel step), but it hasn't finished the first install step, so it'll try to download the installer again.

Internally, Razor keeps track of a boot count (the number of times a node has booted) to know which stage a node requires next.

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answered 2018-06-22 10:26:44 -0600

reesek gravatar image

If I'm understanding your question correctly, razor imaging is not idempotent. Once the node reboots, it will boot back into the Microkernel and go through discovery. If the install flag is still cleared, it will reimage the machine.

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