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puppetlabs-cisco_ios issues

asked 2018-07-04 08:24:30 -0600

dlxneamtu gravatar image

updated 2018-07-05 06:53:31 -0600

DarylW gravatar image


Trying to get my cisco devices reachable from puppet master in an agentless manner as described at: and on the documentation of the puppetlabs-cisco_ios module. I am using a vey basic setup as below:

root@puppet:/etc/puppetlabs/puppet#  cat device.conf
type cisco_ios
url file:////etc/puppetlabs/puppet/cbr8.conf

root@puppet:/etc/puppetlabs/puppet# cat cbr8.conf
address =
username = admin
port = 22
password = "ascable"
enable_password = "ascable"

Manual SSH works towards that IP with the specified credentials, however, reaching it via puppet fails with:

root@puppet:/etc/puppetlabs/puppet# puppet device --verbose --target cbr8
2018-07-04 04:35:06.098751 WARN  puppetlabs.facter - locale environment variables were bad; continuing with LANG=C LC_ALL=C
Error: Could not run: cannot load such file -- net/ssh/telnet

The proper module is installed in puppet:

root@puppet:/etc/puppetlabs/puppet# puppet module list
2018-07-04 04:44:47.175139 WARN  puppetlabs.facter - locale environment variables were bad; continuing with LANG=C LC_ALL=C
├── puppetlabs-apache (v3.1.0)
├── puppetlabs-cisco_ios (v0.2.0)
├── puppetlabs-concat (v4.2.1)
├── puppetlabs-netdev_stdlib (v0.14.1)
├── puppetlabs-puppetserver_gem (v1.0.0)
├── puppetlabs-resource_api (v0.3.0)
└── puppetlabs-stdlib (v4.25.1)

How can I get further with this?

Thanks, Dan

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answered 2018-07-08 22:34:23 -0600

updated 2018-07-09 10:44:30 -0600

Hi Dan,

Classify the proxy agent (the one you are running puppet deviceon: given the above, the host named puppet) with the base class of the cisco-ios module to install the net-ssh-telnet gem on that agent ...

include cisco_ios

Tom Kishel

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Hi Tom, I had several issues due to using http proxy, I manually installed the missing net-ssh-telnet gem now, but I still get the error. Is there anything I need to reinstall so that puppet will load the newly installed gem? Dan

dlxneamtu gravatar imagedlxneamtu ( 2018-07-16 03:16:27 -0600 )edit

I'm also having a similar issue. I would like to use this module in an internet isolated environment. I've managed to get all the dependencies, and install the net-ssh-telnet gem, but I get the same error as the OP. is there a process to do this manually?

codextreme07 gravatar imagecodextreme07 ( 2018-10-02 17:02:54 -0600 )edit

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