Trouble with Backuppc and Puppetdb

asked 2018-07-10 03:36:20 -0600

dorito gravatar image

Hi, i'm new in Puppet. I use the last updated version of puppet and have 2 nodes clients (debcli.test.qq(client of backuppc), centx.test.qq(server of backuppc)) and puppetserver dx.test.qq. I have a trouble setting up the Backuppc module (link text). Manifest of all infrastructure lies in one manifest file named manifest.pp in the attachmentScreenshot from 2018-07-10 11-13-37.png, There is ssh-key between backup_server and backup_client . Puppet agent --test output on all nodes is normal but there is no changes in backuppc web interface, no hosts, no errors and nothing is happenScreenshot from 2018-07-10 11-20-04.png. My /etc/hostsScreenshot from 2018-07-10 11-30-43.png. Also i thought this trouble is related to PuppetDB, in the issue i decided to install it to puppet_master,manually by typing [puppet module install puppetlabs-puppetdb --version 6.0.2] but after [puppet agent --test] on master there is an errorScreenshot from 2018-07-10 11-32-27.png.. How to configure everything to work correctly?

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