10 Node trial setup

asked 2018-08-09 09:10:12 -0500

My name is Daniel Kreiss, and I am a Junior Systems Engineer in Savannah GA. My overworked IT director has me getting puppet set up on a trial, so we can see how it is and how it fits for us. My question is, is the ten node trial a stand-alone program or is this something that I will need to set up on the server. Is this something stand alone or something that requires more integration than I have access to?

I work for a company that has around 250 end users and more that are not connected with nine different locations from Houston to Wilmington NC, with only three IT people; myself a network guy and my director in a company that operates almost 24 hours at a few locations even on holidays. We are stretched a little thin and wand to automate instead of trying to update every PC after hours which can be hard with locations that operate that much and relying on TeamViewer to remote into peoples computers and have them fight us for control.

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