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Merging problem

asked 2018-08-15 19:11:07 -0600

chic_cat gravatar image

Hello, I have a custom puppet module, to simplify:

class mgmt ( Array $array = [] ) { notify {"$array":} }

I have a hiera and specify array in two different hiera files:

hieradata/os/Centos.yaml mgmt::array: - 'wwww'

hieradata/common.yaml mgmt::array: - 'test' - 'test2'

Output on the client:

Info: Using configured environment 'production' Info: Retrieving pluginfacts Info: Retrieving plugin Info: Retrieving locales Info: Loading facts Info: Caching catalog for linuxbox88.local Info: Applying configuration version '1534377966' Notice: [wwww] Notice: /Stage[main]/Mgmt/Notify[[wwww]]/message: defined 'message' as '[wwww]'

If there a way to merge this array from multiple hieras into one array?


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answered 2018-08-16 00:45:08 -0600

chic_cat gravatar image

Per official doc on puppet5:

This doesn't work: lookup('mgmt::array', {merge => 'unique'})

But this works in hiera:

lookup_options: mgmt::array: merge: unique

Weird stuff

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