Fresh installation missing for Passenger integration

asked 2018-08-29 09:58:01 -0600

Hi all, i'm trying to install puppet server on a Centos 7, i've followed the instruction reported here:

The problem is on the last link, during the configuration at some point on the page there is this step: "Copy the ext/rack/ file from the Puppet source code into the parent directory"

The problem is that the package of the puppet server don't have this file, and on the github there is this commit: with this comment: "This removes the basic webrick and rack code. There may be other code that is made dead by this commit.", where the whole directory rack is removed.

So the question is, where I can find the as the official documentation of the installation of the puppet server under passenger describe ?? It seams that the future is to use passenger instead of WEBrick, but the configuration was removed...

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