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I am creating a 3 node puppet 4 setup. I Have the puppetmaster, puppetdb, and postgres db server. All are ec2 instances in AWS. I am using the manifest below to setup puppetdb

$puppetdb_host = 'l03y09pdbwa0001.ec2.internal'  
$postgres_host = 'l03y09ppdwa0001.ec2.internal'  
node 'l03y09pptwa0001.ec2.internal' {  
  # Here we configure the Puppet master to use PuppetDB,  
  # telling it the hostname of the PuppetDB node  
  class { 'puppetdb::master::config':  
    puppetdb_server => $puppetdb_host,  
node 'l03y09ppdwa0001.ec2.internal' {  
  # Here we install and configure PostgreSQL and the PuppetDB  
  # database instance, and tell PostgreSQL that it should  
  # listen for connections to the `$postgres_host`  
  class { 'puppetdb::database::postgresql':  
    listen_addresses => $postgres_host,  
node 'l03y09pdbwa0001.ec2.internal' {  
  # Here we install and configure PuppetDB, and tell it where to  
  # find the PostgreSQL database.    

  class { 'puppetdb::server':  
    database_host => $postgres_host,  
    listen_address => "${facts['networking']['hostname']}.ec2.internal",  
    open_listen_port => true,  
    open_ssl_listen_port => true,  

It runs with no errors with the puppet agent -t on the postgress and puppetdb( went in order postgres ec2, puppetdb, then puppet master). When I run puppet agent -t on the puppet master I get an error

Notice: Unable to connect to puppetdb server (https://l03y09pdbwa0001.ec2.internal:8081): [503] Service Unavailable

If I try and hit the puppet db ip with the port 8080 I get an error:

Problem accessing /. Reason:  
    Not Found  
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