question on puppet types and hiera yaml

asked 2018-09-11 20:18:19 -0600

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Downloaded the m4ce keepalived module from puppetlabs .

In the real_server.pp file it has the following definition : type Keepalived::Virtual_server::Real_server = Struct[{ Optional[virtual_server] => String, Optional[weight] => Integer[1], Optional[lvs_method] => Keepalived::Virtual_server::Lvs_methods, Optional[inhibit_on_failure] => Boolean, Optional[notify_up] => String, Optional[notify_down] => String, Optional["HTTP_GET"] => Keepalived::Virtual_server::Real_server::Http_check, Optional["SSL_GET"] => Keepalived::Virtual_server::Real_server::Http_check, Optional["TCP_CHECK"] => Keepalived::Virtual_server::Real_server::Tcp_check, Optional["SMTP_CHECK"] => Keepalived::Virtual_server::Real_server::Smtp_check, Optional["DNS_CHECK"] => Keepalived::Virtual_server::Real_server::Dns_check, Optional["MISC_CHECK"] => Keepalived::Virtual_server::Real_server::Misc_check }]

In my yaml file I can define info for each of these but I don't understand the quoted Optional args, spec how to declare them in a yaml file (if thats even possible);

'virt1': virtual_server: 'myVirt' lvm_method: DR ??? "TCP_CHECK": ????

It doesn't make sense how to write yaml for the params that are quoted.

Cheers for any suggestions

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