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How to install a module with no manifest (puppetlabs/catalog_preview)

asked 2018-10-19 20:36:14 -0600

GIggs gravatar image

We are running Puppet 3.8 (FOSS) and are trying to migrate to Puppet 5.

I was pointed at the Puppetlabs/catalog_preview module to help us diff our catalog using the 3.8 syntax versus the 4.x syntax. However, I'm confused about how to install it.

The installation instructions say the following.

Install the catalog_preview module with puppet module install puppetlabs-catalog_preview.

I've done this, But this just adds the module to our catalog. It's not actually installed on the Puppetmaster. Normally, I would add a statement like include your_module_here:: submodule into the Puppetmaster's manifest, but in this case, there's no manifest directory:

$ ls catalog_preview/  docs  Gemfile  lib  LICENSE  metadata.json  Rakefile  spec

How do I actually install this so that I can run the puppet preview command?

# puppet agent --test
# puppet preview
Error: Unknown Puppet subcommand 'preview'
See 'puppet help' for help on available puppet subcommands
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answered 2018-10-22 13:31:26 -0600

GIggs gravatar image

Nevermind. It now works after a weekend's worth of Puppet agent runs, which is odd. It now returns a message that makes sense.

# puppet preview
Error: Could not run: No node(s) given to perform preview compilation for
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