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Hi, i am new to puppet i want to track or audit the changes of directory level for example , while i am adding new file to directory and remove any file from the directory , i need to track that changes exactly details ,

asked 2018-10-30 00:25:49 -0600

Nageswar gravatar image

i am able to get audit file level changes through audit option like owner,group and mod etc but i need to audit directory level changes while add or delete a file from directory i need to track that changes. could you please help on this. thanks in advance

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answered 2018-10-30 19:08:43 -0600

binford2k gravatar image

Puppet reports will contain every change that Puppet makes, though on resource creation many of the individual properties are coalesced into a single create event so as to not explode the report's size.

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Asked: 2018-10-30 00:25:49 -0600

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