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Multiple edits on the same config file, restart service if any of the edits is successful in updating the file.

asked 2018-11-28 22:50:39 -0600

jongm0816 gravatar image

I need to do multiple edits to the file /etc/postfix/ The condition I want is 'if at least of of the edits is able to change the file, restart the postfix service.

The code I have below looks like will only restart the service if 'myhostname' entry is added.

Any suggestion please ?


if $mtafix == 'True' {

   $postfix_conf = '/etc/postfix/'
   $myhostname = $::fqdn
   $mydomain = $::domain
   $mynetworks = ','
   $mail_spool_directory = '/var/spool/mail'

   file { '/var/spool/mail':
       status => 'directory',
       owner  => 'postfix',
       group  => 'mail',
       mode   => '0775',

   file { '/var/mail':
       ensure => 'link',
       target => '/var/spool/mail',

   file { $postfix_conf :
       ensure => 'present',
       notify => Service['postfix'],

   file_line { "Add myhostname entry":
       path    => $postfix_conf,
       line    => 'myhostname = $myhostname',

   file_line { "Add mydomain entry":
       path    => $postfix_conf,
       line    => 'mydomain = $mydomain',

   file_line { "Comment out inet_interfaces":
       path    => $postfix_conf,
       match   => '^inet_interfaces.*$',
       line    => '# &',
       replace => 'True',

   file_line { "Add mynetworks entry":
       path    => $postfix_conf,
       line    => 'mynetworks = $mynetworks',

   file_line { "Add mail_spool_directory entry":
       path    => $postfix_conf,
       line    => 'mail_spool_directory = $mail_spool_directory',



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answered 2018-11-29 08:31:30 -0600

DarylW gravatar image

All that you have to do is add notify => Service['postfix'] in every single resource that would modify the config file for that service.

Remember, you are building a graph of dependencies, not running resources in order like a script. Any of the resources that trigger a 'change' will then trigger a downstream notification to the postfix Service, so that puppet will know to restart it. It will be restarted at least once, but it could potentially be restarted multiple times.

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