Can't Run Module Acceptance Test

asked 2018-12-07 13:26:49 -0600

yakatz gravatar image

I am trying to write tests for puppetlabs-apache (so that my pull request can be accepted). When I run bundle exec rspec spec/acceptance as the documentation says, I get an error facter: command not found. I think I followed all the setup instructions, but I can't run the tests.

This is the error (repeated multiple times):

Failure/Error: install_bolt_on(hosts) unless pe_install?  
  Host 'ubuntu-1404-x64' exited with 127 running:  
   facter --json "osfamily"  
  Last 10 lines of output were:  
        bash: facter: command not found

Rspec Full Output:

How do I run these tests?

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