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How to trigger puppet agent to run on a specific Linux host?

asked 2019-01-13 07:39:07 -0600

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Running on:

Puppet Master 2.7.2 PostgreSQL Puppet agent 4.10


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At the risk of offending the Puppet community you could use a tool like Ansible to trigger the puppet run. The "shell" module is probably what you want. You do need to be able to ssh from the Ansible to the Puppet server. I use both Puppet and Ansible in my environment....

bschonecker gravatar imagebschonecker ( 2019-01-17 06:19:52 -0600 )edit

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answered 2019-01-14 10:09:45 -0600

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Puppet is usually designed to run on a set schedule (typically every half hour). If you wish to trigger an 'out of band' run, you would need to use some sort of tool to allow you to do that.

Currently, I believe puppet is heading toward using Puppet Tasks or Puppet Bolt ( ) to do things like that.

I did also stumble across this example while compiling all the ways listed here, this is a pretty through resource -

Back in the puppet 2.x days (and deprecated in the 3.x days) there was a tool called

The previous recommended tool from puppet was MCollective ( ), which I believe came with PE. The creator of MCollective has been working on a new version of it, which uses the NTAS protocol instead of setting up an ActiveMQ / RabbitMQ server to handle messaging - called Choria ( )

Historically, some people have used the Ansible 'puppet' module to manage/run independent executions of puppet ( ).

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