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Enroll updates locally from server

asked 2013-10-10 03:46:28 -0600

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Is it possible to somehow let the clients get the updates from the puppetmaster? So basically that the puppetmaster downloads the updates from the internet and that the clients will pull those updates from the puppetmaster rather than the internet. The ability to have all updates pulled off the Puppetmaster server onto client systems would be nice to have.

Is this possible and if so how can this be achieved? I was thinking of adding or editing repositories to refer to the puppetmaster instead of an URL.

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answered 2013-10-10 11:05:18 -0600

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If by updates you mean updates to system packages, then it is certainly possible to mirror repos on a local server. I could be the puppetmaster, but puppet itself has no built-in facility for managing package repositories. Here are a couple of links depending on your package manager:

deb/apt (Debian/Ubuntu):

rpm/yum (RedHat/CentOS/Fedora):

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