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While setting Razor client getting error

asked 2013-10-15 03:12:41 -0600

srikanth gravatar image

after the step "puppet resource package razor-client provider=gem ensure=latest" the razor client is enabled but while accessing the razor client getting the following error. installed gems & ruby gems, upgraded ruby

/var/lib/gems/1.8/gems/razor-client-0.10.0/bin/razor:3: undefined method require_relative' for main:Object (NoMethodError) from /usr/local/bin/razor:19:inload' from /usr/local/bin/razor:19

could any one suggest to troubleshoot this issue

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-10-23 15:25:44 -0600

G'day. Unfortunately, razor-client requires Ruby 1.9. You will need to install a newer version of Ruby to make that work.

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Asked: 2013-10-15 03:12:41 -0600

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