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Is Puppet modules management exposed to the Puppet HTTP API ?

asked 2013-10-28 10:07:59 -0600

Spredzy gravatar image

Is Puppet modules management exposed to the Puppet HTTP API ?

Something like :

{GET,POST,DELETE} /environment/modules/author/modulename/release

API calls that would let you verify, install or delete module on your puppet master (hence automate it)

I've looked at but couldn't find anything on it.

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answered 2014-07-11 10:17:43 -0600

Michael Melanson gravatar image

I don't believe so, and I'm not really sure what are you trying to accomplish here. Are you trying to modify the master's configuration through an API? Because that's not possible, nor should it be.

What I do is keep the configuration in source control (git) and have a continuous integration system that pushes new versions of the puppet master configuration (manifests, hiera configurations, modules) onto the master by doing basically:

rsync build/ root@puppetmaster:/etc/puppet
ssh root@puppetmaster puppet apply /etc/puppet/site.pp

This pushes a new configuration to the master, which makes it available to the nodes. It also applies the configuration to the master itself. This job runs nightly on our development master, and on-demand on our production master.

Would something like that solve your problem? If not, then please provide more information about your use case.

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