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Could not autoload /etc/puppet/modules/tempest/lib/puppet/provider/tempest_config/ini_setting.rb: undefined method `provider' for nil:NilClass

asked 2013-11-20 00:11:27 -0500

kampy gravatar image

Hi All,

I am getting below error while executing my site.pp

Could not autoload /etc/puppet/modules/tempest/lib/puppet/provider/tempestconfig/inisetting.rb: undefined method `provider' for nil:NilClass

Can anyone please help me how to overcome this error

Thanks in advance.

Regards, kampy

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1 Answer

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answered 2013-11-20 00:45:50 -0500

kampy gravatar image

Got the answer need to install inifile module Below is the link for the module https://forge.puppetlabs.com/cprice404/inifile

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Asked: 2013-11-20 00:11:27 -0500

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