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Error Starting PE-Puppet-Dashboard-Workers Script

asked 2013-02-06 20:52:29 -0600

louis gravatar image

I followed the instructions to configure LDAP on Puppet Enterprise 2.7

I am trying to setup two different authenticators (SQL and Active Directory) and i have the following configuration for the rubycas-server/config.yml and console-auth/casclientconfig.yml

> authenticator:
>   -
>     class: CASServer::Authenticators::SQLEncrypted
>       database:
>       database: console_auth
>       adapter: mysql
>       password: fHGXDwDDGUFX6b4xhjjd
>       reconnect: true
>       username: console_auth
>       username_column: username
>       user_table: users
>   -
>     class: CASServer::Authenticators::ActiveDirectoryLDAP
>       ldap:
>       host: myserver
>       port: 2323
>       base: cn=xxxx,dc=yyy
>       filter: (objectClass=person)
>       auth_user: cn=_UserPuppet,ou=xxx,ou=xx,ou=ff,dc=xx ...
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answered 2013-02-13 12:40:12 -0600

I have got this working before - I think the problem might be that your YAML is badly formatted in the config.yml - the indenting is really important to get the data loaded by the rubycas server properly:

  - class: CASServer::Authenticators::SQLEncrypted
      reconnect: true
      adapter: mysql
      database: console_auth
      username: console_auth
      password: 'xxxxxxxx'
    user_table: users
    username_column: username
  - class: CASServer::Authenticators::ActiveDirectoryLDAP
      port: 389
      base: dc=puppet-ad,dc=spence,dc=org,dc=uk,dc=local
      filter: (&(objectClass=person)(memberof=CN=puppetconsoleaccess,OU=Groups,DC=puppet-ad,DC=spence,DC=org,DC=uk,DC=local))
      auth_user: cn ...
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It seems that worked using the following filter.


louis gravatar imagelouis ( 2013-04-09 12:37:20 -0600 )edit

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