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Bare with me... I want difficult stuff from Hiera [closed]

asked 2013-12-02 10:35:31 -0600

PorkCharSui gravatar image

Is it possible with Hiera to do different types of lookup? Do a 'hiera' lookup if a match is found in "%{environment}/%{clientcert}/sources", but do 'hiera_hash' lookup if a match isn't found there? For example... if my hiera.yaml looks like this:

  - "%{environment}/%{clientcert}/sources"
  - "%{environment}/%{domain}/sources"
  - "%{environment}/all/sources"

I want to use the hiera lookup if it finds something in "%{environment}/%{clientcert}/sources" and I want to use hiera_hash lookup if it doesn't.

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answered 2014-04-19 18:50:28 -0600

solarkennedy gravatar image

What if you organize your hieradata as a hash, and then contain the logic on what to do with it in your manifest.

For example, something like,

# clientcert yaml:
  - client:
    - key1
# domain yaml:
  - domain:
    - key2

And in the manifest:

$hash = hiera_hash(your_key)
if $hash['client'] { use client }
elsif $hash['domain'] { use domain } 
else { fail }

Something like that?

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