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module-specific hiera.yaml

asked 2013-12-03 07:55:54 -0600

coffeejunkeysteve gravatar image

Hi guys,

I want to manage the data, needed by the modules, in the modules itself with the help of Hiera and ".yaml"-files, which contain the configuration data. I want every single module to have it's own "hiera.yaml"-file. That file should tell Hiera in which subdirectories of the module Hiera can find the data. But the problem is: Puppet doesn't execute the module's hiera.yaml-file but always the /etc/hiera.yaml-file when I execute the command "puppet agent --test".

Can anyone help me?

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answered 2014-01-07 08:57:41 -0600

golja gravatar image

Actually there is a way how to do it with the help of ripienaar/module_data and you are not the first one asking about that feature.

If you are really interested in the topic read the R.I.Pienaar post about using hiera on a module level.

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