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What is the cleanest way to resolve my dependency cycle with the Apt module?

asked 2013-12-08 17:56:10 -0600

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updated 2013-12-11 09:07:58 -0600

I'm attempting to modify Razorsedge's Cloudera module to support Ubuntu, but am running into a "dependency cycle" error from Puppetlabs's Apt module -- specifically when I put apt::source declarations into separate class files, which are also dependent on each other.

Here's the Puppet Manifest I'm trying to apply (this mimics the code of manifests/init.pp):

node 'myserver' {
  anchor { 'cloudera::begin': }
  anchor { 'cloudera::end': }

  class { 'cloudera::java::repo':
    ensure      => 'present',
  class { 'cloudera::cm::repo':
    ensure      => 'present',

  Anchor['cloudera::begin'] ->
  Class['cloudera::java::repo'] ->
  Class['cloudera::cm::repo'] ->
  Class['cloudera::java'] ->

Here's ... (more)

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answered 2014-02-21 23:52:17 -0600

You probably just want to use version 1.0.0 of the razorsedge/cloudera module. It now supports Debian and Ubuntu.

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