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Error: Checksumfile /var/lib/puppet/state/state.yaml is corrupt [closed]

asked 2013-12-26 18:58:24 -0600

Ricardo gravatar image

Hi guys. I am getting a weird error when I try to run Puppet in one of my nodes:

Error: Checksumfile /var/lib/puppet/state/state.yaml is corrupt (syntax error on line 77, col 12: ` !binary ? "RmlsZVsvdmFyL3d3dy9sYXVuY2hib3gvYXBwL2NhY2hlL3dlYXRoZXIvZnIu\nc2FpbnQtc+liYXN0aWVuLXN1ci1sb2lyZS5wbmdd\n"'); replacing

I have puppet running in over than 100 nodes and I am getting this error in 3 of them. Puppet used to run fine in these boxes though.

  1. Puppet master configuration:

    • centos 6.4
    • puppet 3.3.2
    • it is using passenger / httpd
    • it is using puppet dashboard for reports
    • ruby packages:
      • libselinux-ruby-2.0.94-5.3.el64 ...
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1 Answer

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answered 2013-12-26 21:37:36 -0600

Ricardo gravatar image

I've just figured it out. Puppet was trying to change the permission of a file that was deployed recently and there was a space in the name of the file, something like 'example of-filme.png'. For some reason, puppet cannot do the checksumfile for it.

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