Composer package requires deployment key. How do i run the install so that it can use the key

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At the end of my puppet run I am trying to deploy some applications directly to my server for development. I have set up ssh keys through .profile so that they are added to the ssh-agent when the user logs in and the known_hosts are copied across with the manifest run.

Process looks something like this:

  1. Copy Keys across
  2. copy .profile over
  3. copy known_hosts
  4. Pull repos using vcsrepo and reference private key
  5. run composer install

The problem I am having is with step 5: When I run the composer install most packages are installed fine but it hangs on one ... (more)

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You could add an entry in the users `~/.ssh/config` file Host <whatever host="" composer="" install="" is="" connecting="" to="" over="" ssh=""> IdentityFile ~/.ssh/deploy_key

rodjek gravatar imagerodjek ( 2014-01-03 18:46:28 -0500 )edit