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Resource ordering within a module dependant on other module

asked 2014-01-06 09:38:13 -0600

jaksky gravatar image

This question is more about a curiosity and let say clear module design.

Suppose that I have a module A which contains classes a,b and c. Next module B contains only class a.

Let say that A-b requires B-a to be run first.

I don't want to spoil module A with declaration of B-a as that should be probably defined in profile specification. I would like to keep module clear and without possibility of introducing circular references etc.

I would imagine something like this (but that for some reason doesn't work for me):

class role1{
include B ...
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This question would make far more sense if you used a real example in stead of A, B, C. I would also recommend using something like standard Puppet classes like ...(more)

ramindk gravatar imageramindk ( 2014-01-06 12:46:24 -0600 )edit

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answered 2014-01-15 23:12:27 -0600

rjc gravatar image

include is for declaring a class - what you're after is contain, and that's only for puppet >= 3.4.0. You can of course use inherits.

More info can be found in the Style Guide.

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answered 2014-04-09 19:17:25 -0600

Here's a more concrete example, one I have at the moment.

I have a module for creating a user.

I have another module that does some stuff, but this stuff depends on that user being created.

How can I define it such that the second module requires the first module?

It's like class dependency, but instead it's module dependency.

Unless I can simply require the class defined in another module? Is that the way to do it?

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