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Error 400 on SERVER: stack level too deep on node

asked 2014-01-14 16:12:09 -0600

jdsysadm gravatar image

updated 2014-01-14 18:43:06 -0600

Stefan gravatar image

I've just built a new puppetmaster and am getting the Error 400 on SERVER: stack level too deep on node message after every run of puppet agent -t. I do have storeconfigs = true, and running Apache/Passenger with a remote puppet CA/puppetDB. However, this does not appear to be fixed by the resource.rb change. And my installed gems list is quite short, and does not include activerecord. After I restart Apache, I can run puppet agent -t exactly once, before having to restart Apache again. I have several other puppet masters running the same version of Puppet ... (more)

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answered 2014-01-14 18:51:02 -0600

Stefan gravatar image

There is a known issue in 3.2.2 that has been fixed in 3.2.3. The redmine ticket also states that the stack level too deep messages only occure after a while so that does also match with the behaviour on your machine.

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No -- even upgrading to 3.4.2 fails to solve this problem. And it doesn't fail with this message "after a while", it fails after a single run of puppet agent.

jdsysadm gravatar imagejdsysadm ( 2014-01-15 12:51:15 -0600 )edit

answered 2014-01-15 13:25:49 -0600

jdsysadm gravatar image

I may have just stumbled onto the answer --

In my case, simply upgrading puppet-server from 3.2.2 to 3.4.2 did not work, but after I also upgraded the puppetDB from 1.3.2 to 1.5.2, the error no longer seems to be happening! At least, it hasnt happened since the puppetDB upgrade.

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