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Can "puppet resource user" answer JSON?

asked 2014-01-16 15:18:38 -0600

brads gravatar image

updated 2014-02-04 15:19:29 -0600

Using a stand-alone puppet, I want to lookup the puppet resource with the results in JSON format.

If the puppet CommandLine isn't the right tool, is there another tool which can query resources and return the results in JSON?



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answered 2014-01-17 17:12:00 -0600

spuder gravatar image

updated 2014-01-20 17:57:41 -0600

Checking the man page for puppet resource shows no option for json output.

Checkout this blog for a possible workaround:

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It's quite annoying that puppet resource doesn't output json as default but mco puppetral does !!! This is not enterprise. Anyone submitted a feature reqeust ?

FranzCC gravatar imageFranzCC ( 2017-01-26 05:06:47 -0600 )edit

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