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How could I recalculate nodes' licences?

asked 2014-01-23 09:46:43 -0600

Andrey Sizov gravatar image

I can't figure out how to decrease the counter shown at the top line of the PE. I've already done all related tricks, but nothing happened. It's quite necessary for testing PE starting and stopping VMs with puppet on board.

[root@puppet-ent-master ca]# puppet node deactivate
[root@puppet-ent-master ca]# puppet cert clean

That doesn't work for me. Please assist.

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answered 2014-01-23 18:23:40 -0600

llowder gravatar image

If you are using Puppet Enterprise 3.x, you will need to use sudo puppet node deactivate <hostname>, as that will flag the host as deactivated within PuppetDB. Running sudo puppet cert clean <hostname> will purge all info about the node from the master, but will not change the license count.

The node deactivate command will run asynchronously against PuppetDB, so if you check the license count immediately after running the command, it may not have fully completed, and there may be some caching involved as well.

After running the command, wait 4-5 minutes, then restart your master and check ... (more)

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That's really strange, I even restarted the whole server and nothing changed. Of course I've used your commands 'deactivate' and 'clean', but no effect then. Please, take a ...(more)

Andrey Sizov gravatar imageAndrey Sizov ( 2014-01-24 02:53:15 -0600 )edit

Also I found the command ' puppet node search '*' --clientyamldir `puppet master --configprint yamldir` --node_terminus yaml' which showed me 7 nodes. How could I remove them? [root@puppet-ent-master andrey.sizov]# puppet ...(more)

Andrey Sizov gravatar imageAndrey Sizov ( 2014-01-24 03:20:22 -0600 )edit

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