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Converting to ENC - how to update these...

asked 2014-01-30 17:46:21 -0600

ethrbunny gravatar image

I need to start managing my nodes via ENC. Till now everything has been pretty straightforward but I'll need to start getting info from an inventory DB to know how to configure the bits.

For the most part I have everything setup using included resources that look like they will transition well to the YAML format. There are two notable exceptions that I'm hoping for guidance on:

  1. The apt module from puppet forge. I have it setup like this in my node declaration:

            'apt' :
            always_apt_update => true,
    apt::source {
            location          => '',
            release           => 'squeeze',
            repos ...
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answered 2014-03-04 08:05:46 -0600

ethrbunny gravatar image

FWIW - you can mix ENC + 'regular' node classifications. Put the -> entries in a standard node file (along with any common node descriptors) and put the specialized entries in ENC.

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