Puppet Infra in a multi-site HA Architecture

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I need to create a HA architecture, between 2x DC's for Puppet Infrastructure. This is for a medium scale implementation.

Here are my questions; 1. Do we have separate, independent DB servers talking to puppet masters, and create a cluster between the DB's in the same site? OR should I install a single master and DB on the same server, site and allow r-sync between sites?

  1. Also, the DB software should we choose PuppetDB or SQL Enterprise or MySQL? Any pointers?

Appreciate your feedback.

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Can I check a few assumptions here: * that by DB you mean PuppetDB * that HA of the service in your situation requires the ability to tolerate VM/server failure, but ...(more)

sthwaites gravatar imagesthwaites ( 2014-02-06 08:44:12 -0500 )edit