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Why Exec executes commands differentely than by interactive shell? (or: puppetlabs-apt: on Linux Mint: add-apt-repository mysteriously lies)

asked 2014-02-04 06:44:40 -0600

Adam Ryczkowski gravatar image

Linux Mint is a Ubuntu-derrived distribution, that - among other things - runs its own version of add-apt-repository, which is located on /usr/local/bin (the original add-apt-repository still can be found on /usr/bin). The syntax is the same. I guess the most important thing it does is that it handles different releases on repositories: linux mint has its own release named petra for Linux Mint 16, while it is also compatible with the Ubuntu's saucy.

For obvious reasons, to get the puppetlabs-apt working on Linux Mint, I needed to change the hard-coded path to the add-apt-repository. After that modification ... (more)

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answered 2014-02-04 13:14:21 -0600

Stefan gravatar image

To have consistent behaviour between running puppet from the commandline and running puppet as a daemon that gets started during boot time, puppet resets certain environment variables (redmine ticket #5224). Namely this is HOME, USER and LOGNAME.

I suspect gnupg relies on $HOME to determine the keyring etc. Try setting HOME (or even better GNUPGHOME) with the environment parameter of the exec resource.

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No... None of these environment variables had worked for me. I systematically added ALL environment variables. Any other thoughts?

Adam Ryczkowski gravatar imageAdam Ryczkowski ( 2014-02-07 11:20:31 -0600 )edit

You are running puppet as root, right? Maybe the user has a different `$PATH`. Try using an absolute commandline in your exec resource and use the `path` parameter of the ...(more)

Stefan gravatar imageStefan ( 2014-02-07 18:44:24 -0600 )edit

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