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How to use librarian-puppet with Geppetto IDE?

asked 2014-02-04 07:24:59 -0600

oleksii gravatar image

I am developing scripts for deploying database parts of a system to Ubuntu Amazon EC2 machines. I am new to puppet, and learned that I can use librarian-puppet to store external dependency.

Here is my basic Puppetfile

forge ""
mod 'gini/cassandra'

Now, it means that I don't have to version-control the gini/cassandra module (and all ts dependencies), which is what I want. I also use Geppetto IDE for my module development.

I don't seem understand how to structure (or reference) my projects in Geppetto. As I see it, there are external modules, managed ... (more)

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answered 2014-02-11 06:31:41 -0600

oleksii gravatar image

Answering my own question.

I did not select Geppetto as an IDE. Instead I started using Notepad++ with a code highlighter.

Main reason was, I couldn't understand how get 3-d party modules integrated into both puppet-librarian and Geppetto. It looks like Geppetto wants all the modules to be statically located in the modules' directory. For a small project of several files, I was asked to keep 700+ files of the dependencies. So just sticking to basics for now.

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