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Local account purging with ldap

asked 2014-02-05 13:19:03 -0600

dystrophy gravatar image

I want to ensure some users are local in /etc/passwd, and I want to purge /etc/passwd when I remove a local user, but I want to also have NSS setup to use ldap for users and groups.

With the recent addition of 'forcelocal' and fixes in 3.3, is it now possible to purge local users AND to use pam ldap for users and groups? It wasn't clear from the bug fixes if this works now.

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answered 2014-02-07 20:06:25 -0600

dystrophy gravatar image

updated 2014-04-07 09:35:33 -0600

This is currently not possible without modifying a nameservice provider so it uses local files only.


The following github repo has a working useradd provider for puppet 2.6-2.7 and 3.4+ that overrides the default and uses only local /etc/passwd for enumerating accounts as well as adding and purging user resources.

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