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err: Could not retrieve catalog from remote server

asked 2014-02-11 08:26:27 -0600

baguette gravatar image

I have that problem but cleaning and signing against gives me the same error, any ideas?

root@ubuntu:~# puppet agent --server=master--waitforcert 20 –test
Could not prepare for execution: Could not create PID file: /var/run/puppet/    
root@ubuntu:~# puppet agent -t --verbose
    info: Creating a new SSL key for ubuntu.lan
    info: Caching certificate for ca
    info: Creating a new SSL certificate request for ubuntu.lan
    info: Certificate Request fingerprint (md5): B2:BE:E6:5B:E6:92:07:AE:3F:D3:8F:23:DB:2F:25:9E
    info: Caching certificate for ubuntu.lan
    info: Caching certificate_revocation_list for ...
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answered 2014-02-11 11:25:28 -0600

spuder gravatar image

From the log output, it looks like there are two problems.

  1. Are the clocks in sync between both the puppet master and the node? If the clocks are too far apart even a valid ssl certificate will be rejected.

  2. Puppet is unable to create a lock file "Could not create PID file: /var/run/puppet/" Is /var/run/puppet a writable directory? Also, do you already have a puppet agent running? See this question here.

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thanks, I just had to synch the clocks with ntpdate thanks

baguette gravatar imagebaguette ( 2014-02-13 09:29:53 -0600 )edit

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