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Precedence of modules in modulepath

asked 2014-02-12 10:54:01 -0600

The Modulepath explains how multiple module paths can be specified.

If multiple paths are used, and two modules with the same name exist on each of the paths specified, is it true that the module used will be the one from the first path?

e.g.: the module 'myfirewall' exists in both modules/ and /etc/puppet/modules and modulepath is 'modules/:/etc/puppet/modules/'. Will modules/myfirewall always be used?

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answered 2014-02-25 07:36:12 -0600

OK, to be honest I thought this was that sort of question that gets an answer like "Of course, it's documented here and there". But no answers, so I've just experimented it, and the result is "yes".

I've defined the same module on a local path and on '/etc/puppet/modules/'.

The first module in the list of modulepath is used by Puppet.

/etc/puppet/modules is not considered at a higher precedence than other paths: the order in modulepath wins.

Tested with puppet 2.7.23-1~deb7u3 on debian wheezy.

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