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QNAP NAS as a puppet device?

asked 2014-02-14 04:47:45 -0600

mikek gravatar image

We have a QNAP NAS running in our environment. It's a lightweight Linux-derived appliance with an ARM architecture.

I would like to use Puppet to manage the user accounts on the system, configure cron jobs for backups, etc, but it can't run the puppet agent locally.

The Puppet device type seems to be able to do this kind of thing. It's just not clear how to begin using it with a custom device. Is there an example out there of creating custom devices to manage unix-like appliances? The existing exmples for F5 or Cisco seem to be ... (more)

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answered 2016-06-15 03:22:18 -0600

Tozz gravatar image

These slimmed down Linux devices usually don't have all the software required to run Puppet. For Puppet to generate its facts it depends on quite a few libraries and tools. These libs and tools are usually not supplied in those slimmed down devices. They don't usually run a slimmed down distribution such as Debian, Ubuntu or CentOS but run a custom built Linux installation. So its not that easy to install those libraries either. You will need to manually compile them (for ARM) and install them on the QNAP.

I don't think this will work without putting in a lot of effort and frustration. I think you might be better off taking a small Linux server with a regular Linux distribution and configure that as a NAS device instead of trying a QNAP to work with Puppet.

I also very much doubt the CPU in those things are sufficient to run Puppet every 30 minutes. It will also prevent the device from powering down its disks.

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