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How to handle large dependency graphs without OmniGraffle

asked 2013-03-01 03:46:40 -0600

The (puppetlabs FAQ) refers to (OmniGraffle) and (Graphwiz) to analyse dependency graphs provided by puppet but I do not use a Mac (OmniGraffle) and Graphwiz and its dot utility are limited to the most simple graphs.

What are the serious alternatives, capable of handling the large dot graphs generated by Puppet (such as the infamous and filter/organize/analyze them ?

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Do you just find the png output of a dot file to be unusable?

stahnma gravatar imagestahnma ( 2013-03-01 15:30:07 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-03-01 03:57:29 -0600

I've tried many tools on my linux box like yed combined with a dot-parsing script but the most efficient one is clearly (Gephi) : It's java based so anybody can use it on it's own platform, it's free and Opensource and provide a NATIVE support for .dot files. You can event filter, reorganize, color your graphs.

Really Handy !!

What do you propose on your platforms ?

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