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How to design repository management

asked 2014-03-27 04:34:19 -0600

jaksky gravatar image

Hello, my question is a bit theoretical but curious about what is a best practice based on community experience so let me describe problem which I think is pretty common. I want to to install various technologies (components) from single rpm repository. I have dedicated puppet module for every single technology. Because there is such kind of dependency I have to make sure that repository definition is synchronized before installing given technology. Two approaches I can think of: 1) have a common module which installs repository/ies 2) every single module check if repository is defined and if not define ... (more)

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answered 2014-04-03 08:04:21 -0600

ffrank gravatar image

You should create the repositories as virtual resources. A software can then realize all repositories it requires.

This also evades the issue of resource duplication, because you can realize a given resource as often as you wish.

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