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after upgrading puppet master to 3.5.1 no changes are applied

asked 2014-04-30 07:39:33 -0600

pranaitis gravatar image

We just updated our systems from 3.4.3 to 3.5.1 and since that upgrade no changes are being applied by the agents anymore. So if I delete a file managed by puppet for example it isn't recreated on a puppet agent run. After downgrading the puppetmaster to 3.4.3 everything is fine again. I checked the Release Notes and at first I thought we were running into trouble due to running a dynamic environment config, but it seems like the problems relating to this have been fixed with 3.5.1.

here is the debug output of a 3.5.1 agent running against our 3.5.1 master

here is the puppet.conf from the master

We are running Debian Squeeze on amd64 and installed puppet from the puppetlabs repo.

Any pointers to what we could be missing or tips on how to further debug the issue would be really appreciated.

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answered 2014-04-30 07:50:11 -0600

pranaitis gravatar image

Ok, I just found out that after changing the evaluator to "current" everything works fine. I'm not sure why we are using the "future" parser in the first place tbh.

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