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Ad-hoc commands with Puppet

asked 2014-05-21 10:48:31 -0600

Liam gravatar image

I am currently in the process of assessing different CM tools for our organization. I have tried to do some research but cannot find where Puppet (OS version) stores inventory file.

For example, I want a group called "web servers" in which I would have a certain number of servers. I want to be able to issue ad-hoc commands to this "web servers" group. Such as reboot, shutdown, date etc.

I saw mcollective does something like this, but I could not find anywhere where this list is stored and how I can group the inventory servers.

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answered 2014-05-21 13:42:07 -0600

Ancillas gravatar image

I've not used mCollective outside of Puppet Enterprise, but I found a few links that might help you get going. It's definitely hard to find these if you don't know what to look for.

When just using Puppet (no mCollective), the Puppet agents on the clients use Facter facts to generate a bunch of info about a server, and then send that to the Puppet master. The Puppet master then uses that information to classify the node, and then compile a catalogue (the configs to be applied on the client). The compiled catalogue is sent back to the client, and is then executed.

The Master can use a few methods to classify a node (linked above). The easiest is to use node classifiers in site.pp. You can use a regex to match on hostnames to apply configs.

It looks like mCollective can target nodes based on Puppet meta-data including what classes have been applied, or facts that have been applied. I'm guessing this utilizes PuppetDB, which stores the results of Puppet runs. What this means for you is that if you have a class called "yourwebapp", you could then instruct mCollective to run an arbitrary command on any server that has applied the "yourwebapp" class.

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Thanks. I will do some reading on these.

Liam gravatar imageLiam ( 2014-05-21 13:47:07 -0600 )edit

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