puppetlabs-firewall invalid parameter

asked 2014-05-23 05:02:54 -0500

popawu gravatar image


After upgrading puppetlabs-firewall module, i can not use new types/features. I have a 400 error on each new feature, for example :

Error 400 on SERVER: Invalid parameter ipsec_policy
Error 400 on SERVER: Invalid parameter iprange

If i use old features already existing before the update (for example "socket"), everything works fine. Libraries have been updated after upgrade, I can see the features with "puppet describe firewall".

Here is the code I use from a fresh node without any module installed :

firewall { '005 test':
  chain => 'INPUT',
  ipsec_policy => 'none',
  action => 'drop',

I tried a lot of things to fix this without any luck. Any help will be appreciated. Thx


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