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Error 400 on SERVER: no 'environments'

asked 2014-05-28 00:13:08 -0600

sguiggly gravatar image

I am getting this error after upgrading server to 3.6.1. It was fine under 3.5.1. Running under RHEL6.

Warning: Error 400 on SERVER: no 'environments' in {:current_environment=>#<Puppet::Node::Environment:0x7fc2eac2cb58 @modulepath=[], @watching=true, @config_version=nil, @manifest="/", @name=:"*root*">, :root_environment=>#<Puppet::Node::Environment:0x7fc2eac2cb58 @modulepath=[], @watching=true, @config_version=nil, @manifest="/", @name=:"*root*">} at top of [[0, nil, nil]]

The puppet.conf on my server looks like:

  logdir = /var/log/puppet
  vardir = /var/lib/puppet
  rundir = /var/run/puppet
  pluginsync = true
  server = myserver
  certificate_revocation = false

  reports = http,puppetdb
  reporturl =
  node_terminus = exec
  external_nodes = /usr/bin/env PUPPET_DASHBOARD_URL= /usr/share/puppet-dashboard/bin/external_node
  storeconfigs = true
  storeconfigs_backend = puppetdb
  certname = puppetmaster
  environmentpath = /etc/puppet/environments


I definitely have an environments directory with environments matching the client...I know this as it is exactly how I did it under 3.5.1!

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2 Answers

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answered 2014-05-28 13:35:48 -0600

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answered 2014-05-28 03:06:46 -0600

daff gravatar image

Your are probably running the Puppet master under WEBrick? This is a concurrency issue, tracked in .

A workaround is to run the Puppet master under Apache and Passenger, which is the preferred and recommended way for any non-trivial, productive Puppet deployment.

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