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How do I setup Puppet to access puppetforge modules thru a proxy?

asked 2013-04-03 13:39:21 -0600

aPaulO gravatar image

How can I get the "puppet module" command to use a proxy to access the puppetforge?

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answered 2013-04-03 15:11:19 -0600

Daenney gravatar image

It's a bit buggy right now.

In puppet.conf:

http_proxy_host = IP
http_proxy_port = PORT

Unfortunately that isn't enough, this will work for the 'search' action but install is still broken.

Some have been able to get it to work by also exporting these settings as environment variables, like so:

export http_proxy=http://IP:PORT
export https_proxy=http://IP:PORT

The bug is currently tracked as number 15453.

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For modules specifically, set the proxy variables under the [user] section instead of [main]. That way, they will not be used by the Puppet agent or master, and will only be used when manually invoking commands such as `puppet module install`.

reidmv gravatar imagereidmv ( 2014-08-05 16:17:34 -0600 )edit

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