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Getting puppet to work with ruby-oci8

asked 2013-04-11 23:17:52 -0600

Red Cricket gravatar image

updated 2013-04-11 23:47:08 -0600


I want to get my puppet master to work with an Oracle DB. So I figured I need to install ruby-oci8. I have been following the instructions for installing ruby-oci8 here:

In those instructions it says I need to make sure I can run the command below:

# /opt/puppet/bin/ruby -r mkmf -e ""

But when I do I get this output ...

mkmf.rb can't find header files for ruby at /opt/puppet/lib/ruby/ruby.h

... the instructions say I need to install ruby-devel which I had already done ... (more)

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I found the pe-ruby-devel RPM in ~/puppet-enterprise-2.7.2-el-6-x8664/packages/el-6-x8664

Red Cricket gravatar imageRed Cricket ( 2013-04-11 23:40:06 -0600 )edit

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answered 2013-04-12 00:20:46 -0600

ramindk gravatar image

updated 2013-04-12 11:47:00 -0600

I'd suspect you'll need to install pe-rubygems in order to get the gem command. Then you'll need to run /opt/puppet/bin/gem install or perhaps just gem install if a system gem package in not installed.

Addition: Not enough room to tell you how to use FPM in the comments. FPM

When I use fpm to make deb packages I normally do something like this.

    ./configure && make
    make install $HOME/installdir/package_name
    fpm -s dir -t deb \
      -n package_name -v 0.22 --iteration `date +%Y%m%d`  \
      -p package_name-VERSION-ITERATION_ARCH.deb \
      -d "libssl1.0.0 (>> 0)" -d ...
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Yes ... actually it was already installed (sorry I am total noob). So I did the /opt/puppet/bin/gem install ruby-oci8 ... I had to install the oracle RPM's like ...(more)

Red Cricket gravatar imageRed Cricket ( 2013-04-12 01:00:33 -0600 )edit

and once I did that I had to cd /opt/puppet/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ruby-oci8-2.1.5 and run make and make install as root. Then I ...(more)

Red Cricket gravatar imageRed Cricket ( 2013-04-12 01:02:25 -0600 )edit

How would one package ruby-oci8 in a RPM?

Red Cricket gravatar imageRed Cricket ( 2013-04-12 01:44:03 -0600 )edit

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