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how to run a script from puppet dashboard?

asked 2013-04-13 06:09:32 -0600

shpongle.sec gravatar image


im testing puppet. got several servers running the same processes. is there a way to run a one time script from the puppet dashboard?

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answered 2013-04-13 16:48:41 -0600

Ancillas gravatar image

updated 2013-04-13 16:50:31 -0600

If you're using Puppet Enterprise, you can use their mCollective GUI in the Dashboard (I think it's called "Live Management") to run a one-time script.

Otherwise, it is possible to write a manifest to run an Exec which utilizes the "creates" parameter. If the file specified in "creates" doesn't exist, Puppet will execute the script which then create the file, preventing future runs. This doesn't sound like what you need, but it is available.

Because Puppet is declarative, it's not really designed to support adhoc scripts and commands. With Puppet, you declare the desired state ... (more)

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