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Adding nodes to a group using the API?

Afternoon all,

I am in the process of evaluating puppet as our configuration management solution and am looking into how we can integrate it as part of our provisioning process. We have already put significant development time into System Center orchestrator as our workflow engine. Puppet's configuration management solution is perfect for the OS configuration once the Virtual machine has been deployed.

As part of my workflow, I want to add a step that basically completes the following:

1) Approve the newly added node and add to the Puppet Master 2) Add the virtual machine to the relevant groups so the correct classes can be inherited.

I have the option to either connect over SSH and run commands, or the best solution is to work with a REST API. Is it possible to do either of the two steps using the Puppet API?

If so, do we have some documnentation on what I need to PUT/GET etc to make it work?

Thanks in advance,